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Bravecto Vs Frontline Plus In-Depth Comparison

in depth comparison bravecto vs frontline plus
For protecting your pet dogs from flea and ticks, you have both the choices of topical treatment and the chewable treatment. While both are effective and proved to be efficient in killing fleas and preventing pests for months, they have several differences that you need to know. Here for comparison we have chosen the chewable treatment Bravecto for dogs against Frontline Plus. Frontline Plus is already an acclaimed topical treatment to protect your puppies from fleas and ticks.


In this Bravecto vs Frontline Plus comparison we are going to explain various aspects of these two popular treatments including the way they work, ingredients, application, time of healing and the prices. With this comparison you can get a comprehensive idea about how these two medications can really help in protecting the pets from fleas and ticks.


 > Which is more effective, Bravecto or Frontline Plus?

While Frontline Plus for dogs work is a topical solution in comparison to Bravecto which is a chewable treatment, the first one works for months. On the other hand, in comparison to the topical solution Bravecto comes with a simple approach involving only a chewable tablet. So, both have their equal pros and cons. 

> Application:

As far as application is considered, Bravecto is more easy to use in contrast to the Frontline Plus. Bravecto is a great treatment unless your pets have specific issues concerning digestion or other stomach problems. Frontline Plus doesn't have any side effects except for a mild skin irritation in the initial days and that too can be experienced only in a handful of cases.

Bravecto is just a quarterly chewable treatment that works for as long as 3 months and it comes with lovable beef flavor that any pet dog happily consumes. Instead of forcing the dog to consume a tablet, the tablet can be willingly consumed by the dogs.

Frontline Plus makes use of a tried and tested topical method. By using an applicator you need to pour the liquid on the back-skin of the dog underneath its fur cover. Once the natural oil substance of the solution easily distributes the treatment evenly all over the skin, the medicinal substances go deep down and start working. Both the treatments are waterproof and both start killing fleas and ticks within hours of the application.


Bravecto requires veterinary prescription and evaluation of the stomach health is necessary. Moreover, there are different dosages for big full weight dogs and low weight puppies. The best way to avail this treatment is to order online.

Frontline Plus on the other hand, needs no prescription and can be available in different dosages based on the weight of your pet dog. This a widely available over the counter treatment for flea and ticks prevention in dogs and you can buy it from both local stores and order online.

> Pricing and value for money:

As far as pricing of these products are considered, Bravecto pills are a little expensive as they offer protection for just 3 months in comparison to the Frontline Plus which provides protection for as long as 6 months at a stretch. But again, if you choose to go for low strength Frontline instead of Frontline Plus, you can reduce price by compromising on effectiveness.

Bravecto has a little edge over Frontline Plus as it can prevent fleas from returning to the dog’s skin soon after the duration of 3 months is over. But it is always recommended that you apply the treatment as soon as a quarter is passed after the first consumption of the chewable. Frontline Plus remains highly effective as well to clear out fleas and ticks and after application you can expect the result to continue for at least 6 months.

> Active ingredients:

Both Bravecto and Frontline Plus make use of pesticides such as neurotoxins. These neurotoxins are engineered to attack the nervous system of the pets and don't cause any harm to the pets.

> Coming into human contact:

Though after just 24 hours of applying Frontline Plus, you can very well take your pet dog to swimming, there is a scope for your kids to be exposed to the topical solution. In contrast, Bravecto allows no human contact as the treatment works only internally.

> Conclusion: 

Both treatments for saving your pets from flea and ticks are highly effective and time tested. If you know how to apply topical treatment, there is no harm going for Frontline Plus. But for new pet owners inexperienced with topical flea treatments, Bravecto can be more effective.

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